Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My tree

I wish I could remember how old I was when I walked into the woods behind my house with my Grandma and Grandpa and dug up the tiny tree that would one day grow up to be this beautiful tree. I know I was pretty young and always up for an adventure. I do remember that walk very clearly though. I remember my grandpa using the shovel to gently get the fragile sapling out of the ground. And I remember replanting it just beside the old block chicken house that Grandma stored her potatoes and onions in. And I remember being very proud. Maybe I thought I was saving it from a life of being undiscovered. But for whatever reason I thought I had really accomplished something important. I still have a feeling of accomplishment every day when I drive by "my tree" and see how it has grown into something amazing. I also get a flood of other emotions along with it. Love, happiness, contentment...

That tree makes me smile every time I look at it because I remember two people who loved me enough to do simple things like plant trees. Simple things that have done more than make lasting impressions on my life. My grandma and grandpa never spent money on anything. Anything! But they taught me that money doesn't buy happiness. Happiness is in the little things. Like planting trees.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Decorating it's what I do. It makes me smile :)

When This time of year rolls around I can't help but get excited. Cooler weather makes me want to decorate. Anyone who knows me knows I have a love for miniature Villages. Unhealthy affection really. And this is just a little of the Halloween one.

I don't know what it is about Fall but it makes me want to cover every square inch of my house with pumpkins.


And anything that holds a tea light. I have to buy a huge bag of them to get me through the Holiday season. I'm just weird like that.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to get soft hair you will never have to comb again

A few nights ago Kolby was in the tub taking his sweet time when I offered to hurry him along by washing his hair for him. (it is obvious he is the baby) I went ahead and used conditioner on it because it is so fine and cottony it is hard to comb out normally. As I was rinsing the conditioner I said "Kolby your hair so so soft." To which he replied "HOW?" I told him it was because of the conditioner, of course. Well after he was out of the tub he was following nightly protocol and brought me the brush. I started to comb through the blond mess of hair quite easily. He was so surprised. Pleasantly surprised! He looked at with a huge grin and said "Mom, That air tonditioner works sooo dood! We dotta use it every time!" I agreed.
The even funnier part is he told my mom and dad the next night he never had to comb his hair again. My mom curiously asked why and he told her "Betause I use air freshener"

Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you AND ME

Here on the silly blog I want to start writing question and answer posts. I think it sounds like so much fun, and the possibilities are endless. I will do some polls about random subjects. Some about how weird we all are, some about what products we all use, and so on. And I am open for ideas and subject matter.

But the one I think I am most excited about will be the ones where I quiz my boys about the way they see the world.

So tonight I am gonna do a little trial run. I am gonna ask Jarron a few questions about.....hmmm... lets see.... I got it! Girls! Yes, Yes. Girls it is. Well we will go with girls and girl stuff.

  1. Why do girls wear make-up?........"To impress boys"
  2. Why do girls chase boys at school?......."Because they hate them"
  3. Why do girls have so many shoes?........."Because they don't ever like to be the same"
  4. Why do moms wear bras?......."Because they don't want their boobies hangin' out the bottom of their shirt." (This is very funny. And sad)
  5. Why do girls giggle all the time?....."Because us boys are so funny."
  6. Are girls smarter than boys?...."NO! But they could be if they knew how to spell one."
  7. Who are better drivers girls or boys? "Girls because the don't speed."
  8. Who smells worse? Boys or girls? "Boys. Because girls don't like to be dirty. And they wear all kinds of perfume and stuff"

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today is January 30th 2010. Today I have been married for 12 years. It seems like so long, but then again not long at all. It kinda seems like we have always been together. Everything before then is just kind of like something that took place in a dream. I don't know why it's that way. My memories are clear.I can recall perfectly all the ridiculous things i have done in my youth, but it just seems like it was another lifetime or something. And I guess in a way it kinda was. I was a different person then. Before I was a wife or a mom. I was just a punk out causing trouble and only thinking of myself. The funny thing is getting married and being a mom was all I ever wanted. That was my dream. It was a simple dream, but my dream none the less. When I was little and someone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I responded "a mommy." Well actually I think I responded "a mud wrestler" a few times. One of those times being the Little miss Locust Grove Pageant. I bet my mom was so proud she could bust. But anyway, I am getting to do what I always wanted. It is just a simple life. Nothing fancy about being married, livin on a farm, and raising three boys that make me laugh til I hurt on a daily basis. But it is perfect for me. I love every day of my life. I take the good with the bad. Of course, like anyone elses life, it is not all sunshine and puppies, but we love each other. And we all know having someone to love you is the best feeling in the world.
So thank you Brent Davis for loving me, and taking care of me in the face of potential power outages, and for giving me the three brats to entertain me.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Make the most of a not so great situation

Ideas to entertain your family without any modern conveniences
If we have to be without power(I hope that is not the case)We may as well make the best of it. Having a positive attitude can make it a time your kids will look back on and say " I remember when we were out of power one winter. We had the best time together as a family."

  • Charades-let everyone come up with ideas to put in a bowl. You can make teams or play individually. Make themes like movies, cartoons, or books.
  • Hide and seek- If you have younger kiddos you may want to do this one during the day so there is enough light, and they won't be scared.
  • Dance contest-you may have to play music on your cell phone (only a good idea if you have a car charger) but your kids will have the best time performing for you and think of all the laughs they will get when you bust a move.
  • Name tune- anyone can get into this fun game. I am sure all of us can recognize the theme song from spongebob and Icarly.
  • Art show- this can even be done by candle light.(my art would probably look better in the dark) Let them be creative and think outside the box. They can collect items from the house and make a sculpture.
  • Fashion show- team up for this one. Let the kids dress you up in anything they want. Go all out. Hats, scarves, underwear outside your pants...
  • Puppet show- you can use anything for this. Socks or paper bags are perfect.
  • Have a play- Let your kids write the play and you can be the actors.(after you play dress up would be the perfect time for the play. You will already be in costume)
  • Have a mock campfire-(Please be safe about this. May only be a good idea if you have older kids. PLEASE don't set anything on fire.I would feel so bad.) Put a candle or a few in the center of your table. You could do it in your floor if you have wood or tile floors. Put pillows all around to sit on. Grab some small sticks from outside or you could use skewers and roast marshmallows. If you had the items needed you could even make smores. Then you could...
  • Story telling-(around the "campfire" would be great) pick someone to start. Set a timer for one minute or however long you choose, when the timer goes off it is the next persons turn, and so on...
Please leave your ideas in the comment section. Time goes so slowly when you don't have a television.

Monday, January 25, 2010

How's this for random
You know, there are just some things that happen at my house that make me think..."what the heck?" This is one example. Sophie is my dog I have had for about 8 years. I love this little brat and she loves me back. She loves me to the point of freaking out when I am not around. When she freaks out,she does it right. I truly believe she has separation anxiety.
I keep my trash in a cabinet, but I do take it out if I am cooking or cleaning the kitchen or something like that. And when I forget to put it up I pay. This is what I think happens. Sophie sits and watches us leave with her little nose pressed to the window ( I know that happens I watch her do it every day), Then when she can't see us anymore she goes straight to the kitchen knocks over my trashcan and spreads trash out all over my kitchen the best she can. When I walk back in the door she knows her butt is in trouble and she goes and hides. Or she will sometimes make a dash out the door as soon as I open it and won't come back for a long time.

So the other day I came home and opened the door and this is what I see. My Stinkin dog wearing a Wal-Mart sack around her neck. Of course the trash was dumped over and somehow she had got a plastic bag on to look just like a superhero cape. I laughed to the point of tears, took her picture, and told her if she was gonna use super powers she better use them for good not evil
One other thing that happened last week that had me scratching my head was the death of Kolbys BB Gun. In my house there are few things that are important enough to mourn. Things come and go outta that place every day. My kids are good, but they are not the best about taking care of their things.
They hunt every morning before school. They get dressed and eat and if there is enough time they always go bird hunting. So I drop them off at school on Thursday morning and ran right back home to get something I had forgot.When I got close to our driveway I could see something laying in the road. As I got closer I could tell it was a BB gun. Kolbys BB gun. My first thought..."GREAT!" I knew right then and there he was gonna flip out. So I pulled off the road , walked out onto the highway and picked it up, and brought it back to the house. It was smashed .(ps if you are the one who didn't dodge a BB gun laying in the middle of the road on 412 Thursday morning I really hope you had a good excuse. Like a semi in the other lane.) Anyway when he got home he saw it on the porch all bent up into a half circle and the barrel smashed flat, and he lost it. It was a sad day at the Davis house. Of course he denied it was he who left it on the bumper of my car. Tried to blame it on Jarron to make himself feel better. Then went in the house ,got a nerf gun, and went outside to shoot birds. At least he has a good imagination.
I thought the gun laying in the middle of the road looked funny, but I bet it would have looked a whole lot funnier for me to have been driving around town with a BB gun on my bumper. You might be a redneck if...